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Nikki Anderson

Professional Practitioner in Holistic Therapy



You don't have to travel across the

Arizona desert to get your

Aloe Vera products

Simply by clicking on the above picture, you will be connected to the official Forever Living Shop. Please take advantage of this LINK to gain direct access to their website, where you can make your selection, pay on line and arrange to have all your products delivered straight to your door. Going through this way enables Forever Living to monitor who has recommended them and provides me with a small credit a percentage of which is passed on to my SUPPORTED CHARITIES

Should you have any questions on the product range or require clarification relating to usage and healing properties/benefits, please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME

If I didn't believe in Forever Living, the amazing products, their ethics and the fact that they are organic and only use the gelly from harvested leaves (taken from plants over 4 years old, leaving the plant to grow and produce a further supply of rich, healthy leaves), and actually seeing for myself the healing benefits within myself and my much loved pets, I would not be endorsing this product. 

It stands for all that is holistic in a product. Many of the ranges available can be used on both humans and animals..! If you're not sure what to try first, please check out the Deodorant, Toothgel, Liquid Soap, Aloe Vera Gelly and of course the fantastic range of Aloe Vera Gel Drinks.. Still not sure.. Buy and try, if you're still not convinced after 60 days, Forever Living will reimburse you (please keep the receipt and container/packaging safe, as this will be required as proof of purchase). 

Absolutely no hard sell, as these wonderful products truly do speak for themselves..

Please click on SHOP NOW for your direct link or carry on reading.. 

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant with thick fleshy leaves which conceal an inner gel, it has been

used for centuries to maintain health and enhance beauty.. The Greeks and Egyptians highly valued its healing properties. 

Aloe Vera can be used by everyone from the young to the elderly and is also extremely beneficial for our pets, farm live stock and rescued wildlife (all creatures great and small). 

Aloe Vera Works Mainly In Two Ways

By enhancing the immune system and assisting the body’s absorption of nutrients into the digestive system (working at its optimum through drinking the Aloe Gels and taking the Supplements)

By protecting and healing damaged epithelial tissue (cells which make up skin and line the various cavities within our body), penetrating deep into the many layers of the skin and hair, working both inside and out (through the use of creams, moisturisers, soap, shampoo, makeup, etc and of course the Aloe Drinking Gels) 

How Does It Work

It works by providing a rich cocktail of micro-nutritional elements whose combined action and balance produce a more powerful effect together, enhancing each other’s beneficial properties, known as synergism. It also has adaptogenic properties, which mean individuals (skin type/health etc.) will take from the products what they personally need at that time.   

Aloe Vera is an amazing product working just as well when taken internally as a drink as it does topically as a lotion for conditions such as an inflamed bowel, thrush, mouth ulcers or asthma, as it does on damaged skin. 

How Does Aloe Vera Work

Its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial action, combined within its nutritional elements, promote cell growth and therefore assists in the healing process. Antioxidants fight the destructive ‘free radicals’ (found in environmental pollutants also thought to cause some cancers as well as contributing towards the ageing process).

It’s not only helpful for people with problems, most people taking it report a greater sense of wellbeing, feeling calmer and less anxious. This could be due to Aloe’s effect on the immune system which becomes balanced or fine tuned and therefore more efficient at defending the body from attack. 

Benefits of Stabilised

Aloe Vera Gel

  • A natural cleanser
  • Safely penetrating through skin tissue
  • Anaesthetises the surface area and relieves deep pain in joints and sore muscles
  • Kills many bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts
  • Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory (without the side-effects of steroids)
  • It is anti-pruritic, reducing itching and burning
  • It is anti-pyretic, lowering temperature and taking heat out of inflammation
  • A natural moisturiser, taking moisture to all the layers of the skin
  • A natural exfoliant, assisting in the removal of dead skin layers
  • It stimulates cell replication and healing
  • Decreases bleeding by encouraging coagulation
  • The proteolytic enzymes break down dead tissue, cleansing a wound
  • Improves blood flow in the skin by capillary dilation
  • It’s health improving, both internally and externally, providing a wide range of vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes and amino acids  

Unlike over the counter medication, Aloe Vera can produce benefits in high concentration relatively inexpensively and with none of the associated side effects of other medications.

Many thousands of people over the centuries have reported its benefit on various skin complaints such as eczema, psoriasis, ulcers, burns, acne, even stings and bites. They have found relief from bowel disorders such as diverticulitis and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Other conditions resulting from a disordered immune system such as arthritis, asthma, ME (post viral fatigue syndrome) and LE (lupus) have also improved when drinking Aloe Vera Gel regularly.

As a Consultant for Forever Living, I am available should you have any questions or wish to arrange a Consultation regarding any of the products listed.

Please give me a call (click link) CONTACT ME

To browse through the various headings and shop directly with Forever Living, please click on:-

  • Drinks
  • Personal Care
  • Skincare
  • Specialist Skincare
  • Supplements & Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Beehive Products
  • Sonya Colour Collection (make-up)
  • Animal & Home products

Natural Products have a complementary integrated role to play in the management of various health conditions. It is very important however, that you should seek the advice of a doctor when diagnosis is in doubt, or where a condition does not improve.

Member of

The Guild of Holistic Therapists