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Nikki Anderson

Professional Practitioner in Holistic Therapy



The word ‘Holistic’ is derived from the Greek term ‘Halos’ which means whole. It is about treating the body as a whole (Mind, Body and Spirit). It is to nurture and nourish the entire ‘Being’ because if we ignore any of these areas, we are incomplete, we lack wholeness and one does not function properly without the other ie dysfunction of the mind can create ‘dis’ –ease in the body..

If the mind, the body and the spirit are not functioning as a whole it has the potential to disturb the natural ‘homeostasis’ (natural balance and stability) of your whole ‘being’

How does it work – Holistic Facials involve techniques which improve the skin’s tone and texture without the need for expensive Products. Acupressure moves are used to help clear the energy channels and stimulate the facial muscles and nerve endings. The Massage movements are specifically selected to improve the circulation and skin texture. And a particular form of facial Lymphatic Drainage massage is incorporated to assist in the removal of toxins and waste. 

Natural Facials are tailored to your specific skin type and desired results (please note one treatment is a wonderfully therapeutic pamper treat, but will not totally address skin problems, which may effect you). 

By stimulating the facial muscles through specific massage and by utilising the many benefits of naturally occurring, fresh, organic (where possible) products, tailored to you and your skin type, a Holistic Facial can be deeply restorative benefiting not only the body, but mind and spirit, balancing and encouraging wellbeing.

What does it involve? – An Holistic Facial is a treatment carried out by a Professionally qualified Practitioner, and utilises a wide variety of products (naturally) to deliver a deeply invigorating, cleansing, moisturising and/or relaxing treatment. 

Tailored to the individual, many of the fresh products are made up for the Client prior to their treatment. A Spa treatment like no other.. 

Facials will take approximately 60 minutes, but a longer ‘Spa Pamper’ treatment can be arranged, incorporating other therapies such as Chinese Hand Massage and/or Manicure, Thai Foot Massage and/or Pedicure, Tibetan Face Massage, etc (the length of time, will depend greatly on additional treatments added to the Spa Pamper session. 

Tailored to your special requirements, these treatments can be adapted to provide a deeply relaxing or intensely cleansing/invigorating session . 

What is a holistic facial? - An holistic facial involves techniques which improve the skin’s tone and texture without the need for expensive products. The techniques used include Acupressure massage to clear the energy channels and stimulate the facial muscles and nerve endings, Massage movements to improve the circulation and skin texture and Lymphatic drainage massage to assist in the removal of toxins and waste.  

What is it good for? – Holistic Facials are especially useful for individuals who are in need of some ‘You’ time. ‘Relaxation’, ‘Cleansing’, ‘Nourishing’ and ‘Balancing’ being the key buzz words associated with this form of treatment. Depending on products used, this treatment can:-  

  • Deep cleanses the skin
  • Encourages cell regeneration
  • Improving the condition, tone and texture
  • Invigorating the Mind and Body
  • Aiding relaxation
  • Boosting self confidence

The benefits are numerous, as with all forms of holistic massage. Please click on GENERAL BENEFITS, CONTRA INDICATIONS, CONTRA ACTIONS, AFTER CARE and CONSULTATION FORM for further information.


- Initial Grounding

- Relaxation and Energy Balancing

- Facial Routine

including Facial Massage using fresh,

natural products (removing eye make-up,

Cleansing the skin, applying an Exfoliant,

enjoying a professional Facial massage,

nourishing Face Mask, cooling Toner and

protecting Moisturiser)

- Mini Chinese Hand Massage (whilst Mask sets)

- Music and Incense (Complimentary/Optional)

60 min – Full Treatment = £35

Alternatively a Course of 5 (minimum recommended, paid in advance) = £150


Enjoy a natural facial coupled with a mini Tibetan Face Massage (as above). 

Feeling refreshed and regenerated from within and looking every part the celebrity for an evening out on the tiles or a natural beauty for a special day out. Using a wonderful natural brand of make-up derived from Aloe Vera. 

There is a range of professional make-up applications from Day Make-up, to

Evening Make-up, Special Occasions Make-up, Bridal/Mother of the Bride and Bridgesmaids, to Photographic Make-up, Fashion Shows, Remedial Camouflage. 

Note: Alternatively, using the Aloe Vera Forever Living Products I can arrange Make-up lessons, Make-up demonstrations and Make-up/Pamper parties.

90 min – Full Facial plus Make-up = £45

Duration to include Consultation, Aftercare, etc

Notes = Please ensure skin is clean (free from make-up), comfortable clothing is worn (preferrably zipped or button tops to avoid spoiling make-up)

Links to other useful pages on my website:-

Member of

the Guild of Holistic Therapists