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Nikki Anderson

Professional Practitioner in Holistic Therapy



Comforting - Enfolding the head in a scented pillow has an almost hypnotic effect. The sound of hands working against fabric helps to soothe and calm the nerve endings. 

Severe tension headaches, depression and anxiety can all be alleviated, Using cushions and muslin cloth to provide a nurturing massage. Also wonderfully gentle alternative for those convalescing or unsure of physical touch.

The Head Wrapping Massage can be tailored to you by incorporating different coloured, lightly perfumed cloths or muslin (using a variety of scented waters). Although there can be no hard-and-fast rules for Colour Therapy, because each meridian may require a particular shade for balance, in general the colour chosen for each separate treatment can help to induce certain feelings of calm, coolness, energizing or mentally refreshing, invigorating, healing or purifying.

Our mental attitude and personal experiences are etched on our faces and mirrored in our eyes. Finding inner peace is a perfect way of staving off the ageing process as it softens the hard lines of living.

Going on a personal journey through the layers of your mind helps you to explore a whole inner world and learning how to harness the powerful forces there with a compassionate heart in a relaxed body brings a state of complete relaxation.

The specially arranged practices which follow will help you to tune in to the forces of gravity which allow Mother Nature to do her very best in absorbing any physical, mental and/or emotional imbalances.

The aim and benefit of this treatment is to rebalance the mind, body and soul creating space for the body to heal itself in whichever areas it needs to concentrate on.

This is a wonderfully gentle yet deeply holistic treatment, layered with different moves and calling upon the benefitis of Aromatherapy and Colour Therapy to promote your overall wellbeing. 

The benefits are numerous, as with all forms of holistic massage. Please click on GENERAL BENEFITS, CONTRA INDICATIONS, CONTRA ACTIONS, AFTER CARE and CONSULTATION FORM for further information.

More specific to this particular massage is:-

  • Regular treatments can promote restful sleep
  • Provides a sense of calmness, peace and tranquility
  • Aids in relaxation

May also help to relieve conditions such as:-

  • Migraines
  • Headaches
  • Nightmares
  • Insomnia


- Initial Grounding

- Relaxation and Energy Balancing

- Pillow Therapy Massage

- Muslin Wrapping, incorporating Colour Therapy

- Aromatherapy Oils tailored to you

- Music and Incense  

60 min – Full Treatment - Invigorating OR Relaxing = £30

Alternatively a course of 4 (minimum recommended, paid in advance) = £100

Duration to include Consultation and Aftercare, etc

Notes = Please ensure skin is clean (free from make-up), ideally shoulders will need to be exposed (to receive full treatment) and room should be warm and quiet. 

Links to other useful pages on my website:-