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Nikki Anderson

Professional Practitioner in Holistic Therapy


Stone Massage Therapy dates back more than 3000 years as a healing therapy by many ancient cultures including the Incas, Egyptians, Romans, and American Indian tribes. Basalt stones are mostly used

in this therapy and Hot or Cold stones can be used, or a combination of both. 

This therapy uses different sized stones, oils and massage techniques over specific areas of the body to bring about a deep sense of wellbeing and warmth. Balancing at every level; Mind, Body and Spirit (emotional, mental, physical and spiritual energies). The additional use of Chakra positions of stones/crystals can be used to focus and aid rebalancing.

The use of Hot Stones open up a range of treatment opportunities as it can be incorporated into many other complementary therapies. The massage techniques used in this therapy greatly depend on your individual requirements. An extremely versatile, relaxing and regenerating treatment to experience all year round..

The benefits are numerous, as with all forms of holistic massage. Please click on GENERAL BENEFITS, CONTRA INDICATIONS, CONTRA ACTIONS, AFTER CARE and CONSULTATION FORM for further information.

Some of the more specific benefits (depending on the massage moves and oils used) may include:-

  • Softening the fatty tissue deposits
  • Nourishing the skin
  • Improving the skins texture
  • Tone and elasticity
  • Stimulate or soothe the sensory nerve endings
  • Deeply relaxing giving a feeling of wellbeing
  • Helps to prevent stress related disorders
  • A relaxing slow massage may also help to reduce high blood pressure
  • Promotes the release of tension in connective tissues


- Initial Grounding

- Chakra Balancing (Complimentary/Optional)

- Selection and use of Hot and/or Cold Stones

- Various Massage (Petrissage/Friction/Vibration)

- Effleurage & Acupressure

- Drainage and Relaxation

- Grapeseed Oil (please click on OILS USED)

- Music and Incense (Complimentary/Optional)

There are different types of treatment; generalised as Invigorating (energiser’s) and Relaxing (calming). Treatments are tailored to you and are available either as a

30 min, 60 min or 75 min Therapy (*please note 30mins sessions are only available as part of a Package or in conjunction with another treatment):-

30 min - Personalised Stone Therapy Focus Session (Arms or Legs) = £30

30 min - Back Massage - Invigorating or Relaxing Massage = £30

30 min - Exfoliant Back Massage - Invigorating or Relaxing Massage = £35

(all including a selection of Neck, Shoulder and Scalp moves)

Alternatively a course of 4 (minimum recommended, paid in advance) = £tbc

60 min - Full Body (Legs, Arms, Face & Back) Invigorating OR Relaxing = £45

Alternatively a course of 4 (minimum recommended, paid in advance) = £160

75 min - Full Body (Luxury) Invigorating OR Relaxing = £55

Alternatively a course of 4 (minimum recommended, paid in advance) = £200

Duration to include Consultation, Aftercare, etc

Notes = Please ensure skin is clean (free from rings/bracelets/watches). Underwear must be worn at all times (Briefs/Bra/Pants). You will be covered with a blanket and only the area being treated will be exposed at any one time.

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Member of the

Guild of Holistic Therapists