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Nikki Anderson

Professional Practitioner in Holistic Therapy



For Centuries beauty products have been made from natural ingredients

and it is only relatively recently in our history that the preparations we now

put on our skin have been manufactured en masse commercially. 

By making the most of what nature has given us, you not only have control over what goes onto your skin, avoiding commercial preservatives, chemicals/additives present in shop bought products (which can irritate the skin), you can also be absolutely sure that they are completely animal and environmentally friendly biodegradable

/compostable) nourishing your Mind, Body and Spirit naturally.

Nails are the hard keratinous substance which serves to protect the tips of the fingers and toes. Its translucence allows the pink colour of the nail bed to show through. Nail plates contain no nerve endings or blood vessels and the average rate of nail growth is about 1 inch over a period of 8 months (slightly faster in the summer months).

Regular Manicures are recommended to help maintain healthy hands, nails and cuticles. Poor nails can result from internal and external influences and can be a good indication of your general wellbeing:-

Internal - Glandular and Allergic disorders, deficiencies in iron, calcium or amino acids, nervous strain, stress, including any disorders which impact on reducing the blood supply to the ‘matrix’ (part of nail bed, extending beneath the nail root, containing nerve endings, blood and lymph vessels).

External - Detergents, nail varnish applied directly to the nail plate, repeated damage from hard objects or tight shoes, prevention of escape of water vapour from the nail bed causing water logging and softness (some gloves and shoes can cause this).

By looking after your hands you not only look healthier on the outside, you feel better, radiating confidence from the inside, whilst all the while enjoying some valuable ‘You’ time.


Unless stated*, each part of your treatment is carried out using only natural ingredients.

Where ever possible organic, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, such as Sweet Almond Oil, Ground Almonds, Honey, Lemon, Lavender, fresh fruits, grains, etc are used.

Beautiful results tried and tested..!

The Difference - A warm, relaxing environment, One to One personal attention, where you can gather your thoughts and enjoy some valuable ‘You’ time, with essences and a choice of music to soothe or stimulate. A Heavenly treat, feeding your mind, body and spirit.. A change from the ‘Norm’..

Greet The Hands - £25 (60 mins)

- Back to basics (*Acetone free remover)

- File & Shape

- Cuticle Massage

- Stimulating Scrub

- Soothing & Softening Soak

(Pebbles, Petals & Fizz)

- Cuticle Care

- Moisturising Mini Chinese Hand Massage

- Nourishing Pre-Buff

- Natural finish

Please Note : Duration to include Consultation and Aftercare


For that extra special treat, chose from a selection of magical colours and indulgent conditioning treatments (please book in advance and allow extra time for these).

Professional Varnish - £2

(includes Base Coat and Top Coat)

- French Polish*

- Inspirational Colours*

Professional Nail Art & Varnish - £3.50

(includes Base Coat and Top Coat)

- French Polish*

- Inspirational Colours*

- Nail Art (natural flowers, gems, art pens and nail transfers) to compliment you

Conditioning Oils - £3

This treatment is beneficial for dry skin, cuticles and weak, split nails. Vegetable or Nut based oils are warmed (essence oils can/may be added for extra soothing/revitalising, strengthening, properties). Fingers and nails are then soaked for around 10 minutes. This is usually carried out after the cuticle care and before the moisturising massage.

Nourishing Masks - £5

A veritable feast and not a calorie in sight! A luxurious treat for the senses Nourishing the skin and nails. Reap the benefits; natural Masks cleanse, stimulate and nourish the skin and nails, helping to leave them feeling smooth and soft, restoring them to their natural beauty. The Masks are created personally for you (using fresh ingredients) and taking into account any allergies, preferences,

condition of your hands and desired results. Masks are applied using a brush or fingertips, hands are then covered and kept warm for about 10-15 minutes, after which time the mask is washed off (this is normally a precursor to the beautifully relaxing/moisturising massage).

Stimulating Scrubs - Included

Natural Scrubs (exfoliant) gently help to stimulate the skin and nails, improving the circulation, removing dirt, stains and dead skin cells which can clog up pores. Using a scrub regularly can help to leave your skin feeling clean and smooth. Scrubs are created using fresh ingredients and taking into account any allergies, preferences,

condition of your hands and desired results. Scrubs are massaged over the skin, after which time the Scrub is washed off (this is normally a precursor to the beautifully relaxing/moisturising massage, and before the Mask if combined).

Soothing & Softening Soak - Included

No Spa treatment comes close.. Hand made natural bath bombs infused with a choice of essences and petals compliment this treatment, softening the water and your skin. Petals sprinkled float by creating a decadence and stimulating pebbles help to connect you with the natural earth (this is normally a precursor to the beautifully relaxing/moisturising massage).

Chinese Hand Massage - £15 Each

Enjoy a full therapeutic massage and really benefit from some extra special 'You' time. Only available in conjunction with the Manicure.

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Member of the

Guild of Holistic Therapists