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Nikki Anderson

Professional Practitioner in Holistic Therapy


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please note depending on location, prices may vary)


                M O T H E R    &    B A B Y


PRENATAL MASSAGE – 60mins from £30*

Gentle touch can be richly comforting and the beneficial effects on you and baby’s health are well documented. From the sevond trimester, the primary aim is to relax, relieving the stresses and strains, enabling you to better deal with the emotional highs/lows that are commonly experienced. *Prices dependent on duration of treatment.

POSTNATAL MASSAGE – 60 mins from £30*

Positive gentle touch can have a deeply prolific effect on you, your baby and those around you. After the mental, emotional and physical strains of childbirth, new mothers need to be nurtured themselves, and Postnatal massage is the perfect way to relax, renewing energy, encouraging deep sleep and helping the body regain its shape. Aiding in overall wellbeing. *Prices dependent on duration.

BABY/INFANT MASSAGE - 60mins x 4 £30 each

Teaching Baby Massage to Parents on a one to one basis, within the comforting environment of your own home or in small workshop environment. Instilling confidence and peace of mind, at a time to suit Baby and you. Teaching sessions are divided into FOUR separate lessons lasting approximately 60 minutes. The 'Package' will include professional teaching aids, demonstrations and guidance.