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Nikki Anderson

Professional Practitioner in Holistic Therapy



Today the health benefits of Negative Ionizers are well recognized all over the world. While most ionizers on the market are man-made machines, the Salt Crystal Lamps are a beautiful, less costly, maintenance free, natural alternative from Mother Nature to improve our air quality.

Use them for a lifetime - Great for Home and Work (especially those areas where there are electrical items). For a romantic evening in or a meditation corner, instead of using the regular candle holders.

The air we breathe consists of ions (atoms or groups of atoms) that carry either a positive or a negative electrical charge. Computers, TV sets, air conditioners, tobacco smoke and many other by products of modern living produce positively ionised air, which is detrimental to our health.  

Negatively ionised air is generated by environments such as mountains, the seaside and waterfalls, and by means such as thunderstorms.

Salt Crystal Lamps produce both gentle heat and negatively charged ions. They make it easy for you to bring the benefits of famous health spas into your own home. The most common benefits reported are reductions in rheumatism, allergies, respiratory ailments, sleeplessness, migraines, high blood pressure, physical and psychological disorders and mild depression.

In addition to the proven benefits of negative ionisation, many people also experience a reduction in stress due to the gentle, soothing colours – Hues of Red for revitalisation, Orange for revival, Yellow for positive thinking, White for concentration and Apricot for the relief of emotional disorders.

Salt Crystal Lamps - These have become a very important issue in Central Europe within the last five years. As a lamp, salt crystal not only creates an especially radiant light but also has a very positive and profound effect on our personal wellbeing.

As a result, Himalayan salt crystal lamps are recommended by numerous Feng Shui Experts as well as by renowned architects for improving our working and living environments. 

Salt Crystal Lamps are made from crystals of Himalayan natural salt, which has lay below ground level for around 260 million years. It is brought to the surface from depths ranging from 700-1100 meters by traditional mining methods which maintain the benefits of natural rock salt and which protect it from possible contamination.

Once mined, the crystals are fashioned entirely by hand, not in a factory but in small village workshops where the highly skilled craftsman use their age old family skills to produce work of outstanding natural beauty.

Because all of the work is carried out by hand, and because the crystals from which the lamps are made are themselves variable, each lamp is unique in design, colour and weight. The natural substances of rock salt crystal determine the wonderful look of the crystal. For example, iron imparts a red tone and manganese contributes yellow and orange.

The Health Benefits of Rock Salt Lamp

Most people are aware of the health benefits of negative ions and know that they are essential for our health and well being. The fresh, invigorating air after a thunderstorm, by the seaside or high on a mountain top, is caused by the high concentration of negative ions in the air.

The feelings of lethargy that most of us feel in highly polluted areas, air conditioned offices etc, are usually caused by a high proportion of positive ions. Our wellbeing and our efficiency are highly dependent on the quality of the air we breathe. The quality of the air depends on the kind of electrical charge (positively, negatively charged or neutral particles) and on the concentration of the ions. Salt Crystal Lamps improve the quality of the air by producing negative ions.

Size is important - The quantity of negative ions emitted from our lamps is directly related to the weight of the lamp, so it is important to choose a lamp of the right size for your room. Assuming that your room has a normal ceiling height, the scale below will be correct. Weight of lamp Room size:-

2-3kg 10 sq m2

4-6kg 15 sq m2

7-10kg 20 sq m2

10-12kg 25 sq m2

Please note all sizes, Weights and colours quoted or illustrated on the website are approximate.

Where Should Your Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps and Tlites be used - They should

be in any room where you work, rest or sleep.

For example, in the office near to your computer, during massage or when meditating. In your

living room, bedroom, children's play area and exercising room. 

The lamps are not suitable for your bathroom, outdoors, in the kitchen, or any other room where there is an abnormally high moisture level. Keep lamps away from water and do not place on damp surfaces (keep in a dry environment at all times).

Caring For Your Rock Salt Crystal Lamp and Tlites - Because salt is a natural mineral and has hygroscopic properties you should not allow your lamp to become wet. If it does please avoid using a high level of artificial heat to dry it. Simply leave it switched on or with a Tlite burning to dry it out thoroughly (if there is any risk that the electrical fitting may have become damp it must not be switched on, simply place it in a warm cupboard. Do not use the lamp again until the electrical fitting has been checked by a qualified electrician. Most of the small electric lamps use standard 15 watt screw bulbs, for big lamps 25 watt screw bulbs. Remember a burning Tlite is an open fire, please never leave burning Tlites unattended.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use salt lamps and Tlites on any glass or stone areas without protection (as they may scratch the surface).

Crystal Lamps Safety Instructions - Always unplug the socket from the mains before replacing the bulb, taking great care as the bulb may be hot. Only replace bulbs with the same type and wattage as supplied - PYGMY 15W E14. Place lamp, cable and Tlites out of reach of young children. The plug is fitted with a 3AMP fuse and must only be replaced with 3AMP fuse. The lamp is designed for display only. It is intended as a light source and should not be left.

Salt Stone Lamps Fitting Instructions - Do not have lamp plugged into main supply. Gently pull flex out from crystal base until you can grasp the lamp holder and spring clips. Squeeze clip and slide lamp holder from the lamp base. Screw supplied bulb into holder (PYGMY 15Watt E14) and squeeze clips to as you insert the lamp holder into the lamp base. The holder should be pushed just past the wooden base so it sits within the Crystal. Care should be taken when positioning the lamp to make sure that the power cord is trapped under an exit hole and not under the flat base (as this could make the lamp unstable). It is unadvisable to leave electrical appliances unattended for long periods of time. Most of the electric lamps use standard 15watt M.E.S. bulbs. The electrical fitting is easily removed by depressing the spring clips where it fits into the base. All electrical fittings comply with EEC safety standards.

Place lamp, cable and candle holder out of reach of young children. The plug is fitted with a 3AMP fuse and must only be replaced with 3AMP fuse. The lamp is designed for display only ! It is intended as a light source and should not be left unattended.

Fair Trade Policy - My suppliers operate a fair trade policy that guarantee fair pay for the people who mine the crystals and craft the lamps, there is no exploitation and they do not allow the use of child labour.

Charity - Please note for every Salt Lamp and Tlite sold, I will donate a proportion of the profit to my chosen CHARITY (link)

Where Can You Buy Them - Many of the Salt Lamps and Tlites for sale are displayed at my treatments rooms in Calne, but I do display them elsewhere. Please call if you would like further details CONTACT me.