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Nikki Anderson

Professional Practitioner in Holistic Therapy


Thai Foot Massage originated around 2000 years ago and is still taught by Buddhist Monks in the temples to this day.

Nowadays it also has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese massage, Acupressure and Yoga incorporated into the basic routine, and so the whole body is treated rather than treating symptomatically isolated problems, encouraging a deep and unique feeling of balance, relaxation and wellbeing.

Reflexology is based around the theory that areas of the foot relate directly to particular organs of the body. By applying pressure to certain areas, it is believed we can reduce the amount of stress within other areas of the body thus aiding optimum internal health.

All parts of the foot and lower leg are treated; using hands on stretching, massage, stimulating reflex points (using a Reflexology stick or crystal wand) and following Thai energy lines (Sen). Applying pressure stimulates all the reflexes, nerve connections and energy pathways that extend from the feet to the rest of the body, encouraging homeostasis. A wonderful treatment for those suffering from tired and aching feet.

The benefits are numerous, as with all forms of holistic massage. Please click on GENERAL BENEFITS, CONTRA INDICATIONS, CONTRA ACTIONS, AFTER CARE and CONSULTATION FORM for further information.

More specific to Thai Foot massage is the relief of conditions such as:-

  • Constipation and cystitis
  • Renal disease and gall bladder problems
  • Asthma
  • Headaches, migraines and sinusitis
  • Reduces the risk of developing arthritic and rheumatic conditions in the feet
  • Improves flexibility and helps to reduce stiffness
  • Greater clarity, creativity and concentration
  • Detoxifying
  • Helps to boost the immune system
  • Stimulates the sensory nerve endings producing a feeling of exhilaration


- Initial Grounding and Energy Balancing

- Each side (Foot/Leg) Massaged separately

- Drainage and Reflexology

- Acupressure using Wooden or Crystal wands

- Sen Energy Massage, Wrap Massage and Stretching

- Grapeseed Oil (please click on OILS USED)

- Music and Incense (Complimentary/Optional)  

60 min – Full Treatment = £35

Alternatively a course of 4 (minimum recommended, paid in advance) = £120

75 min – Luxury Treatment (including a luxurious Foot soak) = £40

Alternatively a course of 4 (minimum recommended, paid in advance) = £140

Duration to include Consultation, Aftercare, etc

Notes = Please ensure skin is clean and clothes loose, access to just above the knee is required (to receive the full treatment).

Currently there is a choice of three acupressure wands, you are free to choose your own, or simply allow me to make the decision and I will select the one which I feel is right for you at the time of treatment. For your information:-

Siamese Rosewood

Authentic Reflexology Thai Foot Massage stick made from sustainable forests (smooth surface which is good for the skin)

Rose Quartz

Soothing, calming stone dispelling stored anger, jealousy, fear, grief and resentment. Balancing and healing emotional wounds, bringing peace.


Used to revitalise energy fields, stay calm and stabilise the emotions. Strengthening the circulatory system, bones and easing arthritic pain.

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Member of the

Guild of Holistic Therapists