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Nikki Anderson

Professional Practitioner in Holistic Therapy



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please note prices are subject to change)


                 H E A D   /   H E A D   /   H E A D



Ear candling is a century’s old method of bringing an enhanced state of health and wellbeing to a person, helping to improve ear, nose, throat and sinus problems. Incorporating pressure points and a drainage massage both ears are treated to maximise the benefits, eliminating toxins, balancing the body and aiding relaxation.


This therapy dates back over a thousand years. Based on old ayurvedic techniques this treatment is given using a Shiatsu chair and incorporates various massage techniques to the Face, Shoulders, Neck, Back, Arms and Hands, releasing tension, stress and fatigue. Promoting clear and positive thinking, revitalising and recharging.


Comforting - Enfolding the head in a scentd pillow has an almost hypnotic effect. The sound of hands working against fabric helps to soothe and calm the nerve endings. Severe tension headaches, depression and anxiety can all be alleviated, Using cushions and muslin cloth to provide a nurturing massage. Also a wonderfully gentle alternative for those convalescing or unsure of physical touch.


Conditioning - Massage of the head, face, neck and shoulders. A wonderfully sensual treatment, incorporating specially selected organic oils and essential essences to help condition your hair and/or scalp, whilst at the same time lifting stress, depression and anxiety, leaving you feeling deeply relaxed.


                 F A C E   /   F A C E   /   F A C E



Tibetan Face Massage is referred to as the Natural Face Lift and is designed to be a gentle non-invasive approach to looking younger. The treatment involves pressure points, plumping and lymphatic drainage leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed and revitalised.


Enjoy a natural facial coupled with a mini Tibetan Face Massage. Regular facials are recommended to help maintain healthy, nourished, clear skin and improve skin tone. Unless stated, each part of your treatment is carried out using only natural ingredients Deeply relaxing.

LUXUARY FACIALS (inc MAKE-UP) – 90mins £45

Enjoy a natural facial coupled with a mini Tibetan Face Massage (as above). Feeling refreshed and regenerated from within and looking every part the celebrity for an evening out on the tiles or a natural beauty for a special day out using a wonderful natural brand of make-up derived from Aloe Vera.


           H A N D S  / H A N D S  /  H A N D S



Early Chinese developed a technique of acupressure which provided the basis for reflex zones (reflexology). An ancient therapeutic practice helping to align the energy frequencies thus promoting self-healing. Wonderfully relaxing encouraging general well-being, whilst beautifying the hands.

MANICURES – 60/90mins starting from £25

Regular Manicures are recommended to help maintain healthy hands, nails and cuticles. Unless stated, each part of your treatment is carried out using only natural ingredients (organic, locally sourced and seasonal), combined especially for your specific treatment.

*Professional Varnish and Nail Art avilable, for an Extra treat incorporate a full Chinese Hand Massage.


              F E E T   /   F E E T   /   F E E T


THAI FOOT MASSAGE – 60mins £35 *£40

Thai Foot Massage originated around 2000 years ago and is still taught by Buddhist monks in the temples to this day. Incorporating Reflexology, elements of Shiatsu, Chinese massage, Acupressure and Lymphatic drainage. The whole body is treated encouraging a deep and unique feeling of balance, relaxation and wellbeing. *Alternatively treat yourself to a 75 mins treatment (inc luxury Foot spa).

REFLEXOLOGY (Available 2010) - 60mins £30

Reflexology can provide relief from migraines, hormonal imbalances, sinus, digestive, circulatory and back problems as well as relieving tension and stress. The feet and hands contain reflex areas corresponding to different parts of the body. By having the body represented in this way, the therapy offers a means of treating the body as a whole.

See also Chinese Hand and Thai Foot Massage.

PEDICURES – 60/90mins starting from £30

Regular Pedicures are recommended to help maintain healthy feet, nails and cuticles. Unless stated, each part of your treatment is carried out using only natural ingredients (organic, locally sourced and seasonal), combined especially for your specific treatment. *Professional Varnish and Nail Art avilable, for an Extra treat incorporate a full Thai Foot Massage.


                           S P E C I A L I S E D


GENTLEMEN’S HOUR – 60/90mins From £30*

Not exclusively for the Ladies.. Every single treatment can also have a deeply beneficial effect on Gentlemen. Oils and essences chosen especially for their individual benefits. Please note I am a Professional Practitionor and DO NOT provide anything other than holistic treatments. *Prices will depend on treatment being given.


(up to 18yrs with parental approval/guidance)

These are as individual as the young person and dependent on the requirements and end results. Amongst the general therapeutic benefits especially during Exam time and/or any other stressful period, treatments can aid concentration, improve clarity and creativity, as well as

providing deep relaxation and encouraging quality sleep.


(Over 70’s)

Healing touch is wonderfully beneficial for the over 70's. Massage can be given on a massage table (lowered for ease) or various chairs/seating positions, accommodating the individual. Appropriate massage can help Elders feel valued, reminding them that they are still very much alive. Reducing stress, deepening relaxation, lowering blood pressure, stimulating circulation and relieving joint pain.


                           M O T H E R    &    B A B Y


PRENATAL MASSAGE – 60mins from £30*

Gentle touch can be richly comforting and the beneficial effects on you and baby’s health are well documented. From the sevond trimester, the primary aim is to relax, relieving the stresses and strains, enabling you to better deal with the emotional highs/lows that are commonly experienced. *Prices dependent on duration of treatment.

POSTNATAL MASSAGE – 60 mins from £30*

Positive gentle touch can have a deeply prolific effect on you, your baby and those around you. After the mental, emotional and physical strains of childbirth, new mothers need to be nurtured themselves, and Postnatal massage is the perfect way to relax, renewing energy, encouraging deep sleep and helping the body regain its shape. Aiding in overall wellbeing. *Prices dependent on duration.

BABY/INFANT MASSAGE - 60mins x 4 £30 each

Teaching Baby Massage to Parents on a one to one basis, within the comforting environment of your own home or in small workshop environment. Instilling confidence and peace of mind, at a time to suit Baby and you. Teaching sessions are divided into FOUR separate lessons lasting approximately 60 minutes. The 'Package' will include professional teaching aids, demonstrations and guidance.


                          S T R E S S    B U S T E R ' S


STRESS BUSTERS – 60/75mins From £30*

If you would like to put together your own Truly Holistic Package ie 2 or 3 mini treatments, please give me a call and I'll be happy to arrange it with you. Remember ALL Treatments are tailored to you, the individual..

*Depending on the treatments chosen.

STRESS BUSTER CLINICS – 15/25mins From £5*

And not a cold stethoscope in sight..! Stress Buster Clinics are a great way of grabbing a little 'You' time within your busy schedule and a fabulous way of trying out different treatments and different locations. Clinics are held on Saturdays and are by appointment, so book up early. Gifts, Gift Vouchers and Special Offers also available. *Depending on Location and Duration.


A large choice of stress buster treatments, tailored to your Staff and your Company environment. From corporate offices to Builders portakabins, everyone deserves some 'time out'. Prices, Treatments and Duration dependant on company policy, location and facilities.


                          B O D Y    M A S S A G E


LYMPHATIC MASSAGE – 30/60/75min From £20*

Lymphatic drainage is a delicate form of massage that stimulates the body’s lymphatic system, improving the metabolism, helping the body eliminate waste and provides a boost to the immune system. Facilitating a feeling of health and vitality, improving the appearance of skin and reducing signs of puffiness. Deeply relaxing. 

HOLISTIC MASSAGE – 30/60/75min From £20*

A deeper pressure massage to ease those aching muscles. Techniques incorprating deep-tissue, deep-muscle massage. This treatment helps with chronic muscular pain. Using personally selected oils and essential oils to enhance your treatment, encouraging balance and overall health and wellbeing.

CHINESE MASSAGE - 30/60/75min From £20*

An ancient art form, following the SEN, Energy or Meridians lines to clear blockages and encourage a balancing of the mind, body and spirit. Using personally selected oils and essential oils to enhance your treatment. A wonderfully therapeutic massage feeding all the senses.

HOT STONE THERAPY - 30/60/75min From £30*

Dating back more than 3000 years as a healing therapy by many ancient cultures. A deeply warmingexperience using specific stones, oils and massage techniques over cetain areas of the body to bring about a sense of wellbeing and balance. Improving the condition and tone of the skin and relaxing the mind. 

WARM BAMBOO THERAPY - 30/60/75min From £30*

The warmth from the bamboo penetrates deeply into the muscles to reduce muscle spasm and relieve stress. Pain and tension just melt away. Increasing circulation, relief of sore muscles, and a deep state of relaxation, you’ll feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. Specialised, also available ie Facial, Feet, Sports, etc..


Sports massage is a form of massage which is growing in popularity. It is used by athletes, both professional and amateur, as well as many non-sporting individuals due to its many benefits. Regular sports massage can help prevent injury by improving the condition of the muscles and relieve those aches and pains requiring deeper remedial work.


Where ever possible all Essential Oils, Massage Oils and ingredients for the Beauty treatments are organically sourced.


                     U N I V E R S A L    E N E R G Y


REIKI – 60mins £25

An ancient form of 'hands on healing', using the subtle energies all around us. This gentle, safe healing method enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself, leading to a greater state of balance, wellbeing and harmony. Reiki can help anyone at any stage of life. The experience of a Reiki treatment is usually a deep feeling of relaxation, protection, safety and comfort.

ANIMAL REIKI (Available 2010) – 60mins £25

This gentle, safe healing therapy can be given (if necessary) without having to actually touch the animal if nervous or distressed, by administering 'distant' healing, enabling the animal's natural instinct to heal/comfort itself , encouraging a greater state of balance, wellbeing and peace. Reiki can help bridge the gap between animal and owner at any time of their life.

CRYSTAL THERAPY – 60mins £25

Every living organism has a "vibrational” energy system, which includes chakras, meridians and around your body known as an aura. By using the appropriate crystals one can "tune" an energy system or rebalance energies , thus improving wellbeing. Using the vibrations of the crystals to move, absorb, direct and diffuse energy within the body.

MEDITATION (Available 2010) – 60mins £tbc

Calne - An open, relaxed approach to Meditation, and finding that ever important 'You' time. All levels welcome. Each class will explore various forms of Meditation, finding that comfortable position and harnessing the tools to help you attain Nirvana. An emphasis on being accessible and fun for anyone wishing to have a go. Depending on interest and availability, dates will be posted in the new year.


                     R E T A I L    T H E R A P Y



Salt Crystal Lamps produce both gentle heat and negatively charged ions. They make it easy to bring the benefits of famous health spas into your own home.

Said to aid most common conditions, benefiting sufferers of rheumatism, air borne allergies, ailments such as Asthma, sleeplessness, migraines, high blood pressure and mild depression, etc. In addition to the proven benefits of negative ionisation, many people also experience a reduction in stress.

MADE WITH LOVE (by me x)

Luxuary Foot/Hand Spa 'You time' Organic Bath Bombs (selection of Essences, Petals, Herbs and Crystals),

Truffles (various centres, dark, milk and white belgium chocolate), Essence Oils (moisturising oils as individual as you are), Body Scrubs, Inspirational Cards, etc.


Aloe Vera stands for all that is holistic in a product. Many of the range available can be used on both humans and animals. Its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial action, combined within its nutritional elements, promote cell growth and therefore assists in your healing process. Ethically sourced, organic and 100% Natural.


The ideal Present for Anniversaries, Birthdays, Christmas, Special Events (Easter, Mothers/Fathers Day, Valentines) and/or simply to say you care. An excellent gift for everyone of all ages (complimentary Gift Vouchers/Cards provided).


Home made with love, Chocolate truffles in a tantalising array of flavours and chocolate, feed your soul and/or a loved one!

Details and Prices to be uploaded soon...


Born in the Vale of Pewsey and inspired by the natural landscape, flora and fauna. Local artist, displaying limited edition, beautifully framed photographics in Calne's Holistic rooms. Gallery changes with the seasons.

Member of

The Guild of Holistic Therapists